10 Things Teachers Actually Do in the Summer

Do you do all ten things? If you have your own list, comment below!

Saved You a Spot

Teachers lead such busy lives during the academic year. Have you ever wondered what they get up to during the summer holidays? Here are 10 things teachers actually do in the summer.

  1. Read

    Whilst the reading genres may vary drastically, teachers do actually use the summer holidays to unwind with the books of their choice, you may find a curriculum/school related one somewhere in there, too!

  2. Exercise

    Summertime allows teachers to look after their bodies a bit more. It’s the time that they can focus on getting fit, as when school starts it gets harder to keep up with an exercise routine.

  3. Coaching/Summer school

    It’s surprising that teachers choose to work in the summer, but let’s face it, no one is in teaching for the salary. Many teachers opt to teach summer school or coach as a way to make ends meet.

  4. Get their classroom ready

    You may think it’s…

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