6 Proven Mini-Lessons for High-Success ESL Teaching and Learning

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Hong Kong ESL Blog

From Primary to Secondary High Schools in Hong Kong, all of us NETs are encouraged to use proven and high-success learning materials infused with only-the-best ESL teaching methodologies. For me, one of the most convenient strategy in preparing for every class every day is to design and develop mini-lessons that help manage young learners’ short attention span.

Pick relevant mini-lessons that encompass the overall objectives of the day’s lesson topic. With mini-lessons, you will be able to establish routine that ensures consistency, organization/order, and structure in the average of 50 – 60 minutes of your class. You will build a better community of learners, and reinforce balanced mix of surprise and expectation.

For your lesson, always divide it into three main parts – warming up the class, lesson proper, and cooling down. Focus your objectives to cultivate overall learning in the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing…

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