Selecting the Right Text for Your Reading Activity

This is great for ESL teachers anywhere. The challenges we all face when trying to find reading texts that are appropriate for your students, is something that we all try to overcome.

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Are you stuck with common reading materials for your class? Do you desire to present new reading materials? Do you feel overwhelmed with the rich selection of texts provided to you?

To select the right reading material for your ESL class, you must evaluate the following options. Determine the needs of your learners and how to meet these based on agreed lesson plans or curriculum.

Reading activities form only a quarter of the language learning program. Reading time is necessary because it helps build vocabulary. When learners read text, their social and emotional learning improves. Reading texts helps extend learning into creative activities. It encourages creativity. Critical thinking is also enhanced when students observe, empathize, comprehend, and evaluate the content and context of the reading material.

Compare what is currently available in your ESL class and what you can contribute for your reading time and activities. Consider the following criteria.

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