Jumpstarting ESL Back-to-School Week with  New School Year Resolutions

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I love listening to veteran NET advice and I also enjoy sharing tips with newbies. I have found the following ideas as both common in all these conversations I have shared with them. All are challenging and interesting. Read on and find which suits you!


Supportive Colleagues

If you want to be surrounded by very supportive colleagues, be one yourself. It is heaven to have active collegial support, especially when you  share your ups and downs together. Lift each other when you’re down and celebrate with your little and big successes.


Wealthy Library of Teaching and Learning Resources

You may have been teaching for many years now, or just starting out. Whatever your experience level is, your curriculum preparation and lesson planning is the best in the world if you have a rich resource for technology and educational materials to boost your classroom activities. Find time to explore…

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