Stimulating Creativity in the English Classroom

When we allow more creativity from our students in the classroom, we help foster independent learning!

Hong Kong ESL Blog

There are habits that hamper us from becoming our best. In this blog, I’d like to specify some insights how we can be more creative, adventurous, and empathetic.

Consistently choose to be creative in the classroom. If you feel you are not creative enough, think again. If you choose to ignite creativity in your teaching activities, it will surely follow. Choose mini-dramas, role plays, drawing, doodling activities, writing letters, impromptu speaking, and interactive storytelling. You will build your confidence in creativity while making your class fun and lively.

Invest in a growth mindset. You grow in your creative pursuits when you relish exercising them day by day. Always focus on what worked, what didn’t, and what you can do better again tomorrow in your next lesson.

If you feel overwhelmed by the immensity of things on a daily basis, relax and meditate regularly. Seriously, stop overthinking. As an ESL NET…

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