5 Things I’ve Learned from a Kindergartener

As a fellow kindergarten teacher, I love this!! It’s so true!

Of All The Ginseng Joints

I never thought I’d be the person that would spend my morning, and most parts of my afternoon with so many kids! Especially kids under the age of 7.
In the beginning, it was quite an adjustment, I’d get to school and ask myself, What do I do with them? What if they fall and hurt themselves? What happens when they cry? Why don’t they stop crying? WHY are they crying??

*takes multiple deep breaths*

Little kids are hard work – and that’s the whole damn truth,. However, as much as I have taught them over the last eight months, they have definitely taught me a thing or two and I thought I’d share them with you.

So here it is – 5 Things I’ve Learned from a Kindergartener (actually, a whole bunch of kindergarteners)

  1. You can never, and I mean NEVER, have enough glue
    Now, I don’t know if…

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