Teacher burnout and how to avoid it in 10 steps

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Teacher burnout is real and can happen to anyone at anytime. Low salaries, additional workload and responsibilities, together with limited appreciation can have demoralising effects on even the most capable, enthusiastic teachers.

With 20 years of experience behind me, these are some of the things I try to do to keep me motivated as a teacher and avoid the dreaded burnout. What do you do? 

Please add to the list in the comments below, if something else works for you!

  1. Make time for yourself
    It is important to schedule time for yourself in your busy day to day routine. It shouldn’t be a treat, it should be a priority. A healthy, happy you, will be a better, motivating teacher.
  2. Exercise regularly 
    Those magic endorphins that hit you after a workout help keep balance in your life. They help put things into perspective as soon as they start going lopsided. Regular…

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