My Personal View on ESL Online Teaching for Kids

This is a nice read for those who are considering online teaching.

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We all know the pros and cons of online teaching. But all of them can fall into the water when it comes to teaching children. It is different and not everyone can do that. To be a successful English teacher for kids and teenagers one’s need patience, energy and a lot of positive attitude because young learner demands encouragement in order to proceed with such an important task – to learn and use a new language. Having some experience myself and talking with friends who are also doing the same job, I decided to make a list of tips and principles of sharing knowledge with this sensitive and the most rewarding group of learners.


  1. Background and environment

Ok, this is mentioned so many times: our background should be bright or with a poster of a company we work for, we should have excellent lighting and definitely some props. I would…

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