Is Group Work Overrated?

Some real food for thought here… while I like group work, I also think it’s important for students to learn self-control and independence, and do things by themselves.


I’ll be honest that this is a topic in which I have a significant bias; as a student, employee, really as a human in general: I hate group work. Considering the fact that I’m also very social, extroverted and work in group settings in every area of my life this is also deeply ironic.

But there it is, the honest truth. I hate group work and I’m not afraid to say it. I hate that in every situation in my life I feel taken advantage of in group situations.  I’m always the one taking the lead (even if I wasn’t supposed to), doing the majority of the work and encouraging or supporting others to complete theirs. And to be honest, it’s exhausting. There have been a few group work situations in my life where I’ve felt adequately supported by other group members, but those have been few and far between. For this…

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