Professional TEFL Teachers Never Do These Things

Here are some seemingly obvious (and not so obvious) dos and don’ts for ESL teachers.

TEFL Planet

Your job as a TEFL teacher is to help your learners advance in English, be it for an exam or simply to improve their skills in the language. Be wary of anything that could inhibit their progress or damage your professionalism.

1. Accept Social Media Requests

Most schools, academies or other TEFL organisations will have rules about this. I know that I always tell my teachers not to do it, with teenagers or even adults. You can, and should, be friendly as a teacher and certainly encourage a good rapport with students, but never cross the line into a friendship. Often, I encourage my learners to set up group Whatsapp chats so they can discuss class material or really anything they like. But I myself am never a part of these discussions. There will always be, especially if you teach adults, the possibility for great relationships and even friendships, but…

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