What Makes A Bad TEFL Teacher…And How To Avoid Their Mistakes!

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Unfortunately, teaching English as a foreign language isn’t for everyone. Throughout your career you will find, as I have in mine, that there are many ways for teachers to prevent learning. Sometimes it’s because they don’t realise when they are holding students back, but it can also be through lack of planning or failure to respond to feedback on their lessons. Which is pretty unforgivable really.

In this post I’m focusing on some of the most common ways that teachers get in their own way, and stop their learners from reaching their full potential. As well as thinking about some possible solutions for such problems.

Talking Too Much

If you’ve ever done any kind of teacher training course, you’ll know that a huge bugbear of trainers, and something they rail against, is teachers talking too much. Filling the lesson with babble, unnecessary information, etc.

There may be several reasons for…

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