“Are you Happy?” Game – Emotions Vocabulary Lesson

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Hi there!

Today is all about the emotion. I do this lesson fairly early on especially with the younger  (kindergarten or primary 1&2) students, as it’s very engaging and we all have great fun! If you want to teach your students the emotion vocabulary – such as happy, sad, angry, sleepy, in love, scared, surprised – you might want to try this.

First, I usually start with a video from Super Simple Songs.

Then, we use the flash cards to review the vocabulary, as well as to add a few more to the ones in the video. We play Memories (with 2 sets of the cards), or “Are you Happy?” Game!

Emotion Are you happy Game

“Are you Happy?” Game is a simple guessing game. Shuffle all of the emotion flash cards, and one student picks a card while the others try to guess which emotion was on the card by asking “Are you (Happy)?”…

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