Christmas Lesson Activities – Part 2


Last week, I shared four Christmas themed activities to use with your class, either as separate activities, or as a single lesson.  This week, I’m doing that again!  Here’s five activities for you to use with your classes.  As with last week, I haven’t tagged them with age or ability, so use your own judgement as to which you think most appropriate for your groups.

Also as with last week, these activities can be used consecutively to make a complete lesson, though I think there is probably one activity too many for a 60 minute lesson, so do think about timings before you take them into the classroom!


Activity #01:  Vocab Input:  Round the room crossword.

  • Download the pdf teflgeek Round the room crossword
  • Chop up and then display the images in Handout #01 around the room.
  • Give copies of Handout #02 to the students.  Students move around the…

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