The Timetable Of An EFL Teacher – What Can You Expect?

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When I first started out as a teacher, I was very unsure about the amount of contact hours I should be doing, that is, the hours I was working in class with actual students. I also had no idea how much time I would need to plan and prepare all of said lessons.

Since then, I like to think I have become quite savvy about the conditions that one should be looking for when thinking about a career in TEFL, and the conditions that you’ll be  likely to actually find. So here’s my take on it.

How many hours will I be doing in class?

Ideally, you timetable will include no more than 25 hours in class per week. Obviously, there are exceptions to this. Many institutions will reduce that if you work a lot with children, or perhaps if you do other types of demanding classes. A few times…

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