Native TEFL Teachers – Here’s The Problem

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I have a huge bug bear when it comes to TEFL teaching, and that’s how much native speaking teachers are valued over bilingual ones. Most language academies and private schools will hire a native speaker over someone who has learned English as a second language. But more often than not, it’s not the fault of the institution. Students, and parents of students, are much more likely to choose a place that boasts native speakers on the payroll. The often mistaken belief that natives are better than bilingual speakers makes it very difficult for these highly qualified teachers to get jobs, which is quite depressing really..

So what are the common problems with us so called ‘natives’? Here’s my quick list!

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Wrong Motivations

Some people come into teaching English because it’s what they really want to do. But a lot of others have a myriad of different reasons for moving abroad…

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