Teacher to Teacher Etiquette | 3 Mistakes to Avoid!

While it’s important to treat students with respect, don’t forget your coworkers!

Do you ever feel a little out of sync with your fellow teachers?

This post is about how teachers should treat other teachers. With the level of creativity inherent in teaching, creative differences can lead to unintentional comments that can annoy and discourage our peers.

I am also guilty of talking shop without really thinking my comments through. So in this post I have isolated the main scenarios where this can happen and added some handy questions to ask yourself before talking about work with your colleagues.

1. Don’t discuss your success when others feel they have failed.

upset-2681502_1280Imagine this:

Buzzing from a fun class and wanting to talk about it with your work buddy, you are disappointed to find their class went terribly. So you think maybe if you talk through your lesson they can understand why theirs didn’t work for them. After all, your lesson went pretty well…

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