Effective Communication Strategies for Co-Teachers in RTI Schools

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By Elizabeth Whitten, Ph.D., Kelli J. Esteves, Ed.D., and Alice Woodrow, coauthors ofRTI Success: Proven Tools and Strategies for Schools and Classrooms (Revised & Updated Edition)

Effective Communication Strategies for Co-Teachers in RTI SchoolsResponse to Intervention (RTI) as a multi-tiered system of support takes a collaborative approach by a team of educators to be successful. Teachers have opened their classroom doors to better meet the needs of their students by providing differentiated support through collaborative teaching, also known as co-teaching. Effective co-teaching is a key ingredient to the success of students of all ability levels in the general education classroom. Co-teachers will need to communicate with one another on a continual basis in order to help students reach their learning goals. Clear and ongoing communication can promote a positive culture of collaboration, making teachers feel connected as a team.

Here are some practical tips to help you communicate effectively with your co-teacher.

Remember, the Students Are…

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