Activities for Young Learners and Young Adults

Vertices Language Coaching

My students using fortune-teller origami to generate discussions. Notice how much space there is in the room to allow for movement.

In a recent blog titled “Teaching (VERY) Young Learners”, we promised a list of activities you can use not only with young learners, but also young adults and even adults. Without further ado, check out the list below:

  • Colours, pictures and graphics: while teenagers may not care much for brightly coloured shapes and ordinary objects, little kids love them! The younger they are, the more interactive printouts should be. Activities like matching, fill in the blanks, running dictation, etc. can be great if the images on the page are bigger than the letters. As for teens, try to include pop-culture references (examples with The Raptors and/or whatever else is “hot” right now).

  • Books: little kids are fascinated with books. My little guy (remember Dante from the last…

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