The ART of conversation: CLIL and Art


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Sometimes children don’t want to talk.  They just want to draw.  Or paint.  Or play with clay.  Making art is a natural way for children to relax and express themselves without having to say a word.  I remember a child at school who cried every morning as him mom said goodbye.  He was unconsolable – until I brought him a paintbrush.  Paintbrush in hand, he let himself be led to an easel with paints and paper.  He put on a smock, and started painting.  Once that had been done, he could face the rest of the day with ease.

Not only is painting a great way to help children feel comfortable in the classroom, it’s also a great way to get them to talk, not only about what they are creating, but also about the process.  While they’re working for instance: what color do they need? …

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