Using Blogs in The ELT Classroom


It is very rewarding as a teacher to see your students create a piece of writing that they are proud of. It was exciting for all of us to post some of their writings here online. Here is a place that they can come back to. They can share it with their friends, their families, and their children. My directions were very relaxed. They had to write something: fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Then, they could choose whether or not they wanted to publish their writings on our class blog. If they decided to publish, they also had to choose a photo to compliment their stories. This is what we got…

accomplishment ceremony education graduationDreamer Mom

My name is Maria. I came here in February of 1994. The reason I came was to look for the American dream. What does the American dream mean? It may have different meanings for every one of us…

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