Dealing With Failure and Growing Stronger From It

It’s always difficult when things don’t go as you expected them to. When a lesson doesn’t go as well you hoped, when a parent complains, when a student drops out, all these things can make you feel like you’ve failed in some way.

What should you do?

It’s important, during those times, to take a step back. Evaluate yourself, what happened leading up to the mistake, and then look at how you can change for the better.

I recently was reprimanded for a mistake I made in a class. It didn’t feel good to hear what my supervisor had to say, but it was deserved. It made me look at myself and how I manage my class. Even though I’ve been teaching for eleven years, there are still things I struggle with. It’s made me re-evaluate my own strengths and weaknesses, and then also think of ways to overcome those weaknesses.

I want to always be a positive influence on my students and make sure the relationship I build with them is a good one. I know that sometimes, when my students become a little too disruptive or unfocused, I can get a bit harsh. I don’t like to yell at my students or make them feel bad in any way, but sometimes I forget they’re just kids, and I may scold them a bit much. I need to do my best at guiding them in a positive and loving manner. I need to do better at it than before.

It’s difficult at times to take criticism and change your old habits, but I know they will help you grow stronger as a person and an educator.

I will do my best to change and improve daily, and I hope you do the same.

Stay safe and stay strong.

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