About Ketan

Short Bio

My name is Ketan H. I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After I graduated from university I moved to South Korea to teach ESL, and have been loving it ever since.

Education Background

  • I graduated from Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska in 2008.
  • I earned a TESOL certification from the American TESOL Institute.
  • I am a former member of KOTESOL organization.

Teaching Background

  • I have been teaching ESL in Korea for 13 years and have taught learners of all ages, from kindergarten to adults.

Thank you for reading my blog! Any advice you have about my writing, content, ESL, or education, please comment or send an email.

Email me at: ketanmhein@gmail.com

42 responses to “About Ketan

  1. nuttyblurt

    Heya! OK, so I stumbled across you via Harsh Reality’s blog! LOL! You have a very interesting blog too! I shall be following you!

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  2. Ar Vhee

    Thank you again Ketan for dropping by. You have a wonderful blog site here. I’ll definitely visit from time to time. 🙂

    Kind regards 🙂


  3. Nebraska! thats where Penny was from! you know Penny from the big bang theory, played by Kaley Cuoco? anyway thanks for checking out my blog and i figured i’d check yours out too. By the way very informative stuff you go here ^__^ glad you’re into Anime too.


  4. Dear Ketan
    Thank you so much for stopping by and follow my blog. It is a great honor. looking forward to read you great stuff 🙂 Blessing.


  5. Glad you found my blog, so I could find yours! I think we were meant to be, because we both have degrees in psychology and now teach ESL. I went on to get a degree in that too. I also taught in Asia for a few years (China). So, I think it’s great that we found each other’s blogs! Looking forward to reading future posts.


  6. You’re in Andong? I went for the Mask Festival last fall, so much fun!


  7. Thanks for checking out my blog and sharing! I’m always happy to connect with other ESL teachers, worldwide. I lived in Omaha as a toddler.


  8. Hi Ketan,
    Thank you for liking my blog, English Manual: letter by letter. I try to include photos of plants, animals, and landscape features as well as a little information about English. It is good to hear your first-hand experiences, teaching overseas.


  9. Thanks for stopping by to see my blog, pursuitofhobbiness. Your work seems so adventurous. I’ll have to keep up on your future posts.


  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog… especially so I could find yours! I’m impressed by your teaching ESL. Hats off to you. That’s not easy! Keep blogging! And thanks again.


  11. Thanks for sharing, Ketan! I stumbled across your blog too while researching about hagwons vs. public schools. (I’m a Psych major, too!) I’m leaning towards teaching at a hagwon in spite of the horror stories I’ve read. Hopefully I will be living in SoKo in February!


  12. Great blog! I am teaching my first year of ESL in Turkey so your blog is very useful, I will be following!! I am also beginning to look for jobs in South Korea starting in August, hopefully I’ll get there!


  13. The Best English Coach

    Hey, Martin!
    Thanks for checking my blog and reblogging, you have a great blog that I’ll definitely visit from time to time. 🙂


  14. Hey Ketan/Martin, what differences between the two schools make teaching at the Poly School more enjoyable for you?


    • Sorry for the late response. I enjoyed working at Poly a lot due to the level of the students’ comprehension and speaking skills. I also had a great curriculum to work with, and wonderful coteachers!

      My new school, Yeil Christian International School, is about the same as Poly, but I have more responsibilities here. It’s closer to an American-style school, where at Poly was a kindergarten.


  15. Thanks so much for the “like.” You’re having a very cool career.

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  16. skippingandcrying

    Thanks for reblogging my post about working with parents. You remind me that parents of English learners are another distinct category of people who deserve a whole different communication approach. I’ll have to think about that for another post in the future!

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  17. baiqrosmala

    Hi Ketan, you have a wonderful site here! I am running a social foundation in Indonesia, it’s to help children learn the English and I think your site will help me a lot in finding new methods in teaching ! 🙂

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  18. Please change your address in your KOTESOL profile to your new address in order to continue to receive your KOTESOL publications.


  19. Congratulations on your career. My daughter is interested in becoming an ESL teacher. I’m going to let her read your blog!

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  20. eslwriter

    Hi Ketan,

    Good to connect. Let’s think about some ways to cross share ideas.


    rob whyte

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  21. Jim

    you for your comment on my blog. I would like to stay in contact and maybe we can network together. I am in San Diego, where are you?


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