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Einstein said it well

found on Google images

found on Google images

Think back to when you were a student… can you remember how well your teacher/professor explained something? Was it easy to understand?

This is a common mistake many teachers make

Oftentimes, teachers use lengthy explanations to get certain concepts across to their students. Regardless of the discipline, it’s easy to over complicate the idea you want to teach. Some subjects such as mathematics or science, there is an inherent complexity but for others like ESL, explanations should be kept fairly simple.

I find myself falling into this trap when I have to explain some grammar rule or about the pragmatics of language (how it’s used in conversation). It’s so hard to get some things across simply and the students aren’t benefited by it. If they can’t understand what I taught, I didn’t teach it correctly and it irks me. I try to make my explanations as simple as possible for the appropriate levels. This is one difficulty of teaching that doesn’t go away easily.

Do you find yourself making the same mistake?


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