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Avalon English Camp! (Monday)

Sunday night passed and Monday morning came. It was hot early in the morning, and every teacher was still tired by the time we ate breakfast. We only did a half-day of stuff since we had to go back to Andong, and at least for us teachers, still teach a full day of classes. We started playing games at 10am, starting with charades. The kids did for a while, but pretty soon the students became bored quickly.

To change-up the activity, I suggested the students play the “human knot” game. For those of you who don’t know what this game is, all the players form a circle and grab the hand of one person standing across from them. Each player’s hand is holding another player’s hand and they have to try to untangle the knot and form a circle without letting go. We first had all the students in one big knot to do a few practice rounds before each team competed against each other.

We had the game go on for a few rounds and the teams who could tangle and untangle themselves the most within the time limit would get that many points added to their overall score (which our director had been keeping since Sunday’s activities). We played that until 11 am.

After that game, we played a game called “Pizza” (I really don’t know the name of this game). For this game, each team had one member stand in the middle of a field/court/some place they can run from one end to the other. We were out in a rocky parking lot. Each time was an ingredient for pizza: chicken, cheese, and pepperoni. When the supervisor (chef?) called out an ingredient, that group had to run from one end to the other without getting caught by the people in the middle (that weren’t from their team). If someone was caught, he/she was out and had to sit along the side.

Here are two video:

We played that until 12:30 pm, then had a snack and got ready to head back to Andong. Everybody was so tired when we arrived back at our academy. I hope the next time we do something like this (if we do one again), we make it happen over a Friday/Saturday instead of a Sunday/Monday.


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