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With A New School Comes New Responsibilities

I finished my first FULL week at YCIS. While I don’t mind the schedule and students, my new position as the homeroom teacher for the elementary grade four students keeps me on my feet. My class only has ten students – four girls and six boys – and those boys are quite the hand full. I feel as though I spend more time trying to manage their behavior than teaching the lessons, which I dislike. That is an ongoing challenge I will have to rise up to and conquer.

Beginning the week of September 15, YCIS will begin its after-school clubs and programs for our middle and high school students. I will teach extra English classes twice per week, and I have also volunteered to organize and head the student-led chapel band. Yeil Christian International School has daily chapel services, and on Fridays beginning the week after next, the songs will be performed by the student band. I am excited to do this because I have greatly missed my involvement in music since my university days (many years ago). This task also adds more responsibility to my job as a teacher and more time to prep (ugh!). While I am prepared for it, it helps me better understand the struggles teachers in the US and other countries go through.

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