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Which Word Should I Use?

Whenever you write, it’s always challenging to think of which words to use. Some words are stronger than others, and can convey a certain mood. If you are a novelist, this is especially important. If you’re writing a research paper, this is also important.

Look at these examples:

“The sunset in the mountains was colorful,” is a dull sentence. It’s basic and doesn’t convey anything of interest.

“Red, orange, and yellow hues painted the sky as the sun set behind the mountains,” is a much stronger sentence. It gives a stronger visual picture in the reader’s mind of a sunset than the previous example.

I was recently contacted by a blogger who asked me to share this infographic with lots of helpful words to use. These words punch-up sentences and make them stand out! So next time you’re stuck on what word to use, look here for some ideas.

Special thanks to Jack Milgram for the link. 

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