Another Day, Another Assaulted Teacher (Video)

This makes me angry at how the school system fails its teachers (and students). If it were me, I’d knock the kid on his little ass!

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The penalty for assaulting a teacher should be greater than for assaulting a stranger on the street corner, because our education system is doomed unless teachers are given unprecedented protection from harm. I want the coverage of this student’s punishment to be just a prominent as his gutless body slam.  Look at how vulnerable the teacher is. If he defends himself in any way he would have risked losing his career. What is a teacher supposed to do when they are being violently assaulted? Personally, I would let my student beat me up. My job is worth more to me than my medical record.  I want every impressionable student to watch such offenders get significant sentences for their inexcusable crimes:

A YEAR nine student in the US has been arrested after he allegedly slamming his teacher to the floor during class — over a mobile phone.

Police said the New…

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2 responses to “Another Day, Another Assaulted Teacher (Video)

  1. Patricia Dorsey

    Oh, watching this video caused my blood pressure to rise! So sad and so representative of what some parts of our country have dropped to in our morals.

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