Can I Borrow Your Whiteboard Marker?



As a teacher who always is in need of new whiteboard markers, I understand Jack’s plight!



Not just markers, but pencils, pens, erasers, paper clips, staples, and every other school/office supply one needs in the classroom or on a desk…it seems like whatever you need isn’t available! How often do you get frustrated with the lack of supplies on hand at your school? How often are you even more frustrated with the school’s reluctance to buy more supplies, more or less forcing you to use your own funds?

It’s like a daily occurrence at my school. Time and again, my coworkers and I have stressed the need to send one of our Korean teachers to buy supplies, or better yet, give one of us a pre-loaded debit card (one with a set balance on it) to use at a store of our choice.

Who doesn't do this?

Who doesn’t do this?

Sometimes, it’s these little things that frustrate teachers more than students.

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