8 reasons why some ASIANS find the SPEAKING of English SO DIFFICULT

The FUTURE of Learning

asian speaker

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This has been an ongoing question by many teachers around the world who have taught in many different countries. But we think we are all the same, but in fact we aren’t, and here are some reasons why:

  1. Shyness

A lot of Asian cultures have a strength in the academic side because it is something they can do quietly at home without anyone watching, but as soon as they have to make a sound in the limelight, the fear of looking foolish is just too hard to bear.

  1. Some sounds are not in their language

We do not all grow up In the same world of sounds. In some cultures and often Asian cultures the sounds around them are so completely different to the English sounds, the people’s tongues literally grow comfortable in a certain way and it is very difficult to retrain it any other…

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