One Fine Day – Book of the Month

10822019This month, our storybook is One Fine Day, by Nonny Hogrogian. This book is a classic children’s tale about a fox who must bring an old woman milk in order to get his tail back. Below are a few pictures from the book. It’s full of colorful and yet simple art, and an engaging story.

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What are some benefits of this book?

Introduce basic sequencing

This book is an excellent way to teach basic sequencing to kindergarten students. The fox has to gather a number of items in order to get his tail back from the old woman. Along his journey, he encounters a variety of things such as a cow, a hen, a peddler, and a young woman. He must give something in order to gain the thing he needs.

You’re able to teach basic sequencing words such as first, next, then, after that…, etc. You can also teach counting which is also fits in with the sequencing motif.

Introduce key vocabulary words

This book has lots of words and you are able to choose any number to focus on. You would want to choose five to ten words for students to learn and practice saying.

Some example words are:

  • tail
  • milk
  • grass
  • water
  • bead
  • jug
  • grain
  • egg
  • peddler*
  • maiden*

These are but a few words that would be appropriate for young learners (*peddler and maiden would be more suitable for six and seven year-olds).

Crafts, activities, and role plays

This book is a good way to introduce animals and that also opens up doors for crafts and activities! Kids love to make things, and there are plenty of crafts and activities that are related to foxes and other animals.

Today, we made origami foxes in my classes, and the kids at a lot of fun!! You could also make or color fox tails and act out the story.

Read it aloud

Reading aloud allows kids to develop listening comprehension skills. They can also develop pronunciation and speaking skills. At various points in the story, stop and ask a question such as, “What does the cow need?” or “What does the peddler need?”. Students can participate in a listen and repeat style of reading – it’s best to choose simple sentences for students to read aloud, especially if they’re ELLs.  

These are just a few things you can do with this book. Feel free to find other activities or create your own that suit your students best!

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