How To Teach Adverbs – Placement And Meaning

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Adverbs can be tricky, where to put them, the different types there are, and even how to make them for your lower level students. Here is my comprehensive guide to adverbs, how to use them and when. Key knowledge for any English teacher starting out, or as an old hat in need of a refresher!


Adverbs of Manner – These answer the question ‘how?’

  • In the majority of cases, the adverb is formed by simply placing ‘-ly’ at the end of the adjective; Quickly, Slowly, Cheerfully.
  • If the adjective ends in ‘y’, replace it with ‘i’ and add the same ending; Easily, Steadily, Stealthily
  • If the adjective finishes with ‘le’, replace the ‘e’ with ‘y’; Capably, Possibly, Changeably
  • If the adjective ends in ‘ic’, just add ‘ally’ to the end; Basically, Idiotically


Sometimes the adjective doesn’t change and is used also as an adverb; Hard, Straight, Fast


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