Common ESL classroom issue 9: the inappropriate length of the course

The FUTURE of Learning


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This issue comes to three waves;

  1. The day is just too long
  2. The number of months is just too long
  3. No breaks or too many breaks

The long day:

Some students and schools do request that students stay at school and study English for up to 8 hours a day. As an adult this may seem a great way to completely immerse yourself in English (and it is), but it is also something that will often end up backfiring on the student and the teacher.

Students are often committed at the beginning but feel when they finish the day they have no time to do their homework or worse still no energy left to digest what they learned. Too much immersion can be bad for you brain. Each of our minds requires always relaxation time to rejuvenate and assimilate what has happened.

Just like the idea…

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