5 Ways Teachers Know Parents are Doing Their Kids School Work…….PLEASE STOP!

I do think it’s important for parents to be involved in their child’s education. I also think parents should help their child with their homework, but they should NOT do their child’s homework for them.


Throughout my 14 year teaching career, and that of my husband who has been teaching for 17 years, we’ve had some good laughs about work submitted by students that has clearly been completed by their parents. Unfortunately, this practice has increased in regularity, not decreased in the teaching profession; the advent of ‘helicopter parenting’ has only compounded the problem. Regardless of it’s regularity, I still can’t wrap my head around why parents are doing this.

But one thing is for certain……..they aren’t fooling anyone. Yes, parents, we know when you’ve completed your child’s homework, assignments, presentations or projects. Actually, it’s painfully obvious and we wince because we’re so embarrassed for you. We don’t call you on it because we can’t prove it, and when we do you create a variety of excuses to cover your tracks or blame your own child, but it’s you who is in the wrong.


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