Teaching Colloquial English in the ESL Classroom

The ELL Experience

Let’s be honest for a moment.

Yes, we want our students to learn formal, academic English.  Yes, we want our students to write beautiful, grammatically-correct essays.  But we also want our students to be able to communicate with their peers, to make new friends and connections, and to overcome culture shock by fully participating in their new communities.  English language learners will probably not benefit (socially, at least) from saying things like, “With whom will you be attending the party on Saturday evening?”

⭐ Introducing Challenges!  Throughout this post, and in future posts, you will find several language challenges.  Look for the yellow stars to find more information.

You could make the argument that kids will pick up colloquial English from their peers, but this is not always the case, especially when they are new to the country and not yet comfortable speaking aloud.  Best case scenario: they learn some…

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