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FOREVER the thorn in my side, teaching in Korea where, in general, English is taught with the focus on ticking boxes and passing tests. Grammar and phonics can be… elusive. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave my students up the creek without a paddle, and I try to shoehorn phonics in as and where I can.

RECENTLY I decided my worksheets needed an overhaul. As I mentioned in my Best of… May 2018 post, I’ve been following Rad & Happy’s doodling class, and that inspired the new phonic worksheets I’ve created, with Grammar.Bots taking centre stage.

ESL _ Phonics_ Basic Blends (3)

PHONICS isn’t the easiest thing to fit into a class, especially with a textbook to complete, but get students into a routine, and you can totally stretch these worksheets out over several weeks or months, depending on your students ages!

ESL _ Phonics_ Basic Blends (2)

OF course, the earlier phonics is learned, the better, but at…

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