Five Fun Halloween Songs For Kids!

Halloween is coming up, and that provides lots of opportunities for songs, games, and other fun activities for ESL students!

I love Halloween because it’s fun to dress up and pretend to be someone, or something, else! Kids love it, too, because it encourages imaginative play – which is very important for child development.

In the ESL classroom, especially with kindergarten students and other young learners, songs and dances are excellent ways to teach vocabulary, provide engaging visuals, and encourage movement. I’ve chosen five of my favorite Halloween songs that we sing in my classes around this time of year. They’re all by the Super Simple Songs channel.

The Skeleton Dance

This song is a variation on the song, “Dem bones, Dem bones”, so the tune is familiar for adults. It’s a fun song that has cute skeletons dancing while introducing different bones and an easy-to-follow dance. Kids love it!


Knock Knock, Trick-or-Treat?

This song is very easy to sing along with and has lots of fun characters for students to learn, as well as dance with/mimic. There are two different versions.


Who Took The Candy?

This song is a variation on “Who Took the Candy from the Cookie Jar?” song.


Go Away!

This song is very easy for kids to learn, and it’s fun just to shout, “Go Away!” at scary things.


Five Creepy Spiders

This song is to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”. It has different Halloween monsters and counts down from five to one.


So there you have it!

I know there are lots of other fun songs to teach kids, but these are my favorites.

Happy Halloween!


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2 responses to “Five Fun Halloween Songs For Kids!

  1. laiaprincep

    I am using Knock knock and 5 creepy spiders with my preschoolers 😀 we had to so much fun during the week!

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