How to Have a Growth Mindset When Dealing with Challenges in the Classroom

Holteacher Perspective

When my son was young, one of his favorite books was Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes.  He would sometimes beg my wife or I to read it aloud to him, especially if he was having a difficult day.  It got to a point where he had memorized some of the lines and would jump in as we read the story to him.  The phenomenal children’s book tells the story of Lilly, a young mouse, who acquires a new purse that she brings to her class for show and tell.  Despite being told to not play with her new purse, she does and consequently gets into trouble.  That afternoon, her teacher, and that night, her parents, remind her that even though today was a difficult day, tomorrow will be better.  My son seemed to like the idea of a clean slate when he woke up each morning.  Even now…

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