Top 10 Words in Education That Drive Me Crazy

Maestra Teacher

There are SO many to choose from! Here are some of the best (or worst, I guess):






5.Learning target

4.Adequate yearly progress

3.SIP, DIP, DDM and a few other acronyms I can’t remember




The world of teaching in public school has its very own ever-expanding vocabulary.

It’s not that I don’t believe in some of the above phrases and words. It just seems that when people in education leadership get hold of certain words and phrases, they grab onto them and they don’t let go. These phrases and words get used ad nauseum (in the literal sense of the word).

There are a lot of new and great trends in education and teaching. However, I can’t help thinking that sometimes, great, old-fashioned teaching isn’t so bad. Maybe that makes me old school. Of course, so many real advances have been made and…

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