MATHEMATICS and LANGUAGES, is there really a LINK?

The FUTURE of Learning


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I have always been fascinated by this concept, as there is said also to be a link between language and music, but language and mathematics is an interesting one.

There has been a number of research studies done on this topic with interesting results. The research has definitely been conclusive. I want to highlight the findings here (and you can read the whole report yourself in the links if you want!)

  1. The concept of a number can only be learned through language

This may sound very strange, but in fact when children learn numbers at the age of 2-3 years old, they in fact have no idea what the amount a number is until much later. However they can recite the numbers 1-10 for example. This recitation is extremely important even though they have no idea what they mean. However later when they start school and…

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